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Court Diligence, LLC is the premier provider of true and complete county court records in the state of Montana. We have direct coverage in all 56 counties, at both the District Court and Justice Court levels.

The company comprises a team of five Montanans, dedicated to restoring integrity to the court record research business in our home state. We achieve this through a proprietary network of 26-well trained and experienced individuals, located throughout the state, who visit their local courthouses regularly, in-person.

Our in-person network covers 87% of the population of Montana. In the remaining 13% of the state, (typically the smallest and most remote counties in the nation) we have developed streamlined procedures to work directly, (though remotely) with the court itself. This process is not only streamlined, but we have financial (pre-paid) arrangements with many of the courts to expedite the orders to a level not achieved by any other company.

Free to contact us at any time with any questions about true court record research in Big Sky Country. We look forward to serving you!
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